Not Today


“Remember no man is really defeated unless he is discouraged.”

― Bruce Lee

I feel just, you know, defeated. And no,there’s no sign of the usual symptoms. I feel stronger. I want to reach out for help. I’m choosing to not stay down. This time, I’m not confusing wisdom with cowardice. This time, there’s no shame, only learning. I hear myself saying, “It’s okay, I can do this. I will try again tomorrow”.

O well, it is not so hard to practice what I preach. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.



3 thoughts on “Not Today

  1. Not to say that I take this post literally, but (here goes) there are times when a duality within a individual can compensate in a notable way. For this post seems to illustrate this. Bruce Lee in this saying also exemplified this. For there you are and the judges announce the winner, yet that was the assessment of the moment, not written in stone, in eternity. Tomorrow offers hope, an adjustment here, a ratcheting there, a torque here and viola. Tomorrow might turn out differently. The individual themselves might be frustrated, but the other half kicks in and says; “maybe not”, just maybe, we, in truth are not vanquished…..
    Good thought provoking (though sneaky) post (lol)

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