Guess what I wished for?

I learnt a lesson today: when you’re sad, just be happy. Everything eventually falls into place, why fret and crib? So on a gleeful note, here’s a poem which has been sitting in the drafts folder for far too long now. O and there’s a teensy handmade comic at the end. What are these doing together? Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

You do enjoy my unsteadiness, don’t you?

Make a wish

On a dark, inky night—
I see a shooting star

I race to make a wish:
Dreaming of gold
And a knight’s kiss

Of big houses
And swanky cars
Perhaps some jewels
Maybe wealth of a tzar?

In that instant,
I see a vivid dream
There’s a teensy fly
Beside a pot of cream

It swoons as it
Licks the bowl
Eyes gleaming
It readies to eat whole

With a decisive plunge
It lands into the cream—

Caught in gelatinous treacly
Sinks deeper every second
Alas, can’t even scream!

The viscous cream
Devours its prey
O greedy fly, I wish
You’d remained

Back to reality
My mind ticks—
No, riches aren’t enough
I’ll feel something’s amiss

In prayer and gratitude,
I close my eyes
As I wish…

Badamm-Tsss. This is my feeble attempt at humour. Be kind and let out a laugh or two, okay? (I couldn’t find the original comic, so here’s a bad remake for you)

Meanwhile in a parallel universe…


I miss being a regular here. I’ll have to somehow squeeze WordPress into my schedule. Because when me no blog, me loses sanity. Uff, me be so demanding.

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16 thoughts on “Guess what I wished for?

      1. Let me think which one it was.. I say it almost 4 years back.. it doesn’t have to actually do anything with the cartoon, but the setup in the cartoon looks like the one they had in the show…

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