Mirrors and Windows


The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

~Sydney J. Harris

Forget windows. Now we use education to build a wall around the mirror. You can’t see the world, can’t see yourself. You think what they tell you to think. You stare at the ugly wall forever. And when forever’s over, you die. Bye.

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16 thoughts on “Mirrors and Windows

  1. I used to look at it in a similar way (always ranted about how education is shit), then I asked my self, if it’s so bad why doesn’t this change, not long after that I came with a pretty simple answer “You have to be that change”, so I am turning towards teaching kids the fun way :). I hold high respects for my teachers for bearing with my stupidity and helping me out in whatever way seemed feasible. though that’s just my opinion.
    It sure has its shortcomings, though I learned most of the things myself (self-learning is the right term probably?) so I am not exactly sure what needs to be changed. But I will find it and change it.
    (Pardon my grammatical mistakes and ambiguous language, I suck at English more than I suck at life xd)

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    1. Glad to know you’re trying to make education more effective in your own little ways 🙂

      When I wrote this post I had the Indian system in mind. The government schools in India, where majority of Indian kids can be found, are in shambles. Teachers don’t show up for half the school year (while drawing full salary), and teachers who do manage to come to class know so little that they’re of no use at all. In other words, they’re not at all qualified.
      The learning outcomes are bad, to say the least. I volunteer as a teacher at an NGO here in New Delhi, and it’s sad to see that kids in grade 7 aren’t able to perform even simple arithmetic!
      Things are changing, but very, very slowly. Meanwhile, millions of children are wasting their learning years, due to no fault of theirs!


      1. I totally understand, I am an Indian too, I believe no efforts goes in vain, somewhere someone will get motivated and try to be the change we want it to be. Besides some initiative at my work place, I also teach kids and fellow peers, computers. I want to take it one step ahead and teach adults how to use computers so they don’t feel left out in the modern world™, though I don’t really like the modern world™

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      2. Very well said.

        It’s a hugeeee daunting task, but let’s just take one step at a time!
        Also, I must congratulate you on your amazing initiatives. You’re doing a great job. Computers are extremely vital to functioning of the modern world!

        P.S. I too have problems with the modern world.


      3. Woah, this was an amazing read. I’ve always agreed that technology’s not all good and that we all need to draw a line somewhere, but this article gave me a whole new perspective. I never thought of social media in this way. Thanks for sharing!


      1. Well, where I come from, the education sector has always been in a mess and unfortunately for decades, hasn’t topped the priority list.

        It’s only now that we are trying to usher in some positive change, hope it betters the situation!
        Thanks for commenting 🙂

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