Cutting Through Confusion

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“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.”

~Shannon L. Alder

Well my mind’s been embroiled in a quandary lately, it’s almost become junky.

I’ve always held my gut feelings in high regard, always acted on intuitions. Maybe this time, my intuition is pushing me down the wrong road and my mind’s unable to give me comprehensible, user-friendly answers.

When the mind’s in confusion, can the heart be far behind?

I don’t think so.


20 thoughts on “Cutting Through Confusion

  1. Sometimes intuition does push you in the wrong direction – a conflict between what’s socially acceptable and what satisfies your innate raw nature is more likely to resolve in favor of your inner self because it ‘feels’ right – but it might upset a lot of people with serious consequences.

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      1. Oh alright, sorry to hear that. I hope it’s all sorted now?

        My problem is more personal in nature, it’s like I can’t convince my mind to go where my heart wants to. For personal reasons.

        Nevertheless, thanks for your comments:)

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  2. It’s funny, I feel like I’ve had the opposite experience. Speaking on relationships, anyway, I’ve always doubted my gut instinct, and paid for it later… so I’m in a position where I keep telling myself if I ever get into a relationship again I’m going to listen to that gut instinct and stop trying to reason and justify it away

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    1. Relationships are tricky, aren’t they? I’ve been acting on intuitions forever, and the results have been more than satisfactory.
      Over thinking has a funny way of severing potentially attractive outcomes..must be avoided!
      So yeah I’d say you’ve made the right choice by pushing your gut forward!

      The perfect answer would come to me eventually, I trust my gut 💕 you should too:))
      P.S my dilemma doesn’t involve relationships, more like career choices🙂
      But the role intuitions play is vital to both cases!

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      1. Oooo Career choices…. Well, I’ll tell you this, I’ve at least followed my instinct on career moves (Mind you, I dropped everything 3 years ago and moved cross country for my current company, at which time only had 99 employees lol). I’d say it’s paid off fairly well so far 🙂 Nothing is perfect, I certainly have my days I wish I hadn’t have – but the benefits I’ve earned for the move are pretty good. Sometimes when I can’t decide, I do a “pros and cons” list – that way you’re not over-thinking and hemming and hawing and able to put things in perspective

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      2. A list sounds like a great idea, I’ll definitely try something of the sorts. It’s hard to zero in on one option when you’ve got so many:p
        Thank you! You sorta eased my mind 💕 it’s good to know that bold decisions pay off!


      3. Yanno, sometimes you just have to take a leap 🙂 I’m single, with no family to speak of, so I figure I might as well take chances and wander out – I love moving to new places and experiencing all new surroundings, people, local culture, etc.

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      4. Absolutely! We all have the strength to take leaps in life, it’s just about being sure it’s a leap you want to and are able to take 🙂 I say leave the decision making to your instinct, and once you’ve made your decision, let your brain take over for the planning!

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