Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.

― Mahatma Gandhi

The Nigerian President says that his wife belongs in the kitchen. Fat. Pig. Disgusting animal. Slob. These are just some of the names that Donald Trump has called women over the years. Aasaram Bapu says that a woman must beg for mercy and call her rapist ‘brother’ so that he spares her life. An Indian Politician says that just because India achieved freedom at midnight does not mean that women can venture out after dark.

Stuart Wheeler says that business is very, very competitive and women must compete only in places where there are no men. Because hey, women don’t stand a chance against men.

…And this gentleman here is asking me to put on makeup. Because hey, who needs a woman’s opinion? All women can do is put makeup.

secularLadies, how do you deal with sexism?


20 thoughts on “Sexism is Not Sexy

  1. I’m sorry about the comments you’ve received; some of them do make the blood boil. It takes a long time for boys to grow into men, and in our beloved country, where fathers are often absent in their boys’ lives, and mothers don’t know when to let go of their darling boys, some never do grow up.

    I wrote here to thank you for visiting my blog, reading the post and giving it a like. I appreciate the time you took for it.

    Many regards,


  2. What you say to others reflect your inner self, not the other person, and so that guy who asked you to do make-up is reflecting his insecurity of being scared of women. Best is to not respond these jerks through words but through actions.


  3. Being a boy, I think you girls need to prove yourself. And who already proved themselves or done something great should amplify their popularity.
    I ain’t no sexist, but many people say boys are superior than girls, and TBH at some point I agree to them cuz most of you girls doesn’t work at top of your abilities and than complaint that we(Boys) don’t give you chance.
    Dude, you re living in a world where nothing is coming to you free of cost. Better fight for it.

    Bdw I really like your page.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Having said that, boys need to prove themselves too before they rejoice this myth ‘Men are superior to women’.
      No girl asks for anything in free, and if she does, I ain’t support her. But even after proving oneself, many a times, girls don’t get what they deserve, and there are number of real-life examples.
      Sorry couldn’t resist myself to reply to your comment cause it’s not daily I come across such comments. No pun intended.

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    2. I beg to disagree. It’s not like that the XY is inherently superior to XX. That’s what this society would have you believe.

      What you’re saying is exactly what I’m saying, but you have a different approach to it. Yes, nothing comes free of cost: not even freedom. You can’t clip our wings and ask us to fly.

      P.S when you say boys are superior to girls, you are being a sexist.

      And thank you the appreciation, I’m glad you liked the blog 🙂


  4. Hey! Welcome back 🙂 It’s been a while since I saw you here. Regarding your question, I would just say: ignore and don’t waste your time and energy. Obviously these kind of opinions are plain bullshit!

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    1. Hi! Yes, I was away for sometime. It’s good to be back 🙂
      Yes, I try not to pay any heed to stuff like this. I don’t know how people come up with such stupid ideas! As if makeup affects ones thinking prowess? It’s absurd.
      Nonetheless, such sexism is very prevalent in my country.


  5. I abhor all these men you’ve stated above and the crass remarks they have about women. The man Donald Trump is bloody running for the prestigious US presidential elections, but I’ve never heard/watched him make sense till date. Being in the public eye where his speech is heard by one thousand thousands. I question about his audacity to pass such degrading comments about women and get away with it too.Is he utterly foolish? Has the world gotten dumb to a stage where there are people supporting him despite his misogynistic attitude?

    This mister (Siddesh) right here is another misinformed idiot who is terrified that if women start progressing and giving opinions what will his life, reduce to, given his lack of brain cells. He is just frightened for his life, duh.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. You made me smile! I agree with each and every post you’ve made here. It’s bizarre how people come up with stuff like this. Last I checked, makeup doesn’t affect grey cells.

      But whatever. You just can’t reason with such people. Since I hadn’t replied to this man’s obnoxious comments, he sent me vulgar messages. I had to block him.

      Ignore, block, move on! That’s how I’m deal with such people from now on.

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  6. Blame it on women. No, really. As I raise my son, I try every single day to inculcate gender equality in him. Look around, dear. Knowingly or unknowingly, gender bias is enforced by the first woman a boy comes in contact with-his own mother. There is only one salvation- ENLIGHTENING education; merely education has failed to suffice, it has failed to stop dowry deaths, female foeticide, rapes, assaults..

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    1. Oh I agree with you. Biases come from men and women alike.
      In fact, most of the textbooks for kindergarteners depict women as cooking food/attending to domestic duties etc while men are shown changing bulbs and fixing the flats on their tires.

      So yes, it does start at an early age. I’m so very glad that you’re trying to inculcate this sense of equality in him. Many parents fail to even try!

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