By the river

Image taken from the internet

Down by the River

The din of the city-
Ow! eyes sick, hands quiver
Off to bliss I trot
Yes! I trot off to the river

Mighty waters,
froth and gurgle,
White bank’s oozing with
sparkly pebbles purple

Air’s raw, and thick
with scent of sopping flora;
Verdant hills in the distance—
Mon Dieu! the flawless aura

On wet rock I slip
Oh! how I revel in delight
Wind’s picking up,
As I bathe in sunlight

The sky’s now white, now blue
free of city’s haze
As I ogle the clouds, I consume
God’s own place

As I lie on the white bank,
my thoughts on a running spree…

“This one isn’t made for brick walls,
Only nature sets her free”

©All Rights Reserved


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