Things I’m Learning at 20

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This past month has been crazy. Not general crazy, but scary crazy. Shit crazy. Crazy crazy. I’m overwhelmed by what’s happening around me. Last few months in college.. and then? Darkness. God alone knows where I’m gonna end up!

Whatever has to happen will happen. Of course, I am playing my part. I was away from WP because I was prepping for GMAT (and wanted to give it my all). Hopefully a 720 will look good on the application.

*Fingers crossed*

Without further ado, I’m gonna walk you through this month’s learnings.
[But before I do that, I’m gonna make a promise. Not to you, but to myself. I promise that I will update my blog regularly, because I really, really like writing. It’s my sweet escape, far away from the chaos and mad confusion that surrounds me in real life. *I Promise*]

The Things I’m Learning at Twenty:

Friends versus Best Friends

I’ve always had a small, cozy friend circle. I’m one of those people who believes that one can have two, at most three good friends. At no point in my life I’ve known (intimately) more than, say, 6 people. But that’s changing now… and changing for good!

Until now, I had never shared a hearty laugh with more than 4 people (I know, I know). But now, I sit in a group of 10 people and laugh my heart out. No, the 10 people I laugh with aren’t my best friends. Perhaps I’ll not remember all of their names 20 years down the lane. Maybe they’ll not support me in my darkest hours. But they’re great people and are making my life merrier and happier at this point in time, just by being here. And that’s enough.

Seek Socially Awkward Situations

Put yourself in socially awkward positions. I dare you.


Two years ago, if you had asked me to leave my comfort zone, I would’ve made a mental note to never speak to you again. But now I’m twenty (and wiser). I’ve recognised how trivial and nonsensical my reservations usually are.

Conclusion: nothing’s awkward. Awkward itself isn’t awkward. Deliberately get into situations that make you uncomfortable. Eventually you’ll get used to them and the ‘awkward’ will vanish. So watch down the grocery store aisle and talk to that cute stranger. You won’t stutter after the third time, I promise.

People (Usually) Don’t Care

So you got into London School of Economics?

“Wow, that’s great!”
“You’re a star!”
“Really? Partyyyy!”

Congratulations. You’ve earned yourself some gawkers for a couple of days, but that’s it. Your neighbours or the 500 friends in your Facebook don’t care that you got into LSE. They may congratulate you and wish you well, but they won’t care—just as you won’t if they buy a Mercedes. So don’t base your happiness on other peoples’ caring; because they won’t and you’ll end up hurting.

You Can’t Please Everyone

In 6th grade, one of my classmates was always picking on me (I still don’t know why). She would tell other girls that I was an arrogant little prick. I was sad. Her ridiculously snotty behaviour upset the 11 year old me and I complained to the teacher. The teacher, before speaking with the tiny snot, told me that it’s impossible to please and befriend everyone we meet, that we’ll often cross paths with people who’re generally displeased with everything.

Now, 10 years and several broken relationships later, those wise words resonate in my mind. Long story short, don’t worry about people who’re mad at you for no reason. If you can’t make them happy, somebody else will. Just chill and focus on stuff that really matters.

Read (But don’t read trash fiction)

Read because there’s always two sides to a story. Read because if you don’t read, you’ll only live one life; and if you do read, you’ll live the life of every character you fall in love with.

*Enough said*

Nobody’s Ever Inadequate

You can’t deny how ridiculously useless the world makes you feel sometimes (read: most of the time). So this 14 year homeschooled girl got into MIT. And that 18 year old boy developed some godforsaken software and sold it for a billion dollars. And you? Well you’re sitting in your pink pyjamas and munching nachos while sipping pepsi.

Do you feel stupid? I bet you do. But you’re wrong. You’re as good as that 14 year old or the 18 year old boy. You’re dear to your family. And you’re indispensable to your boss. (If you’re not, then you just haven’t found your expression as yet). No matter how small or insignificant you feel, remember that the world would’ve been a bit different if you weren’t around.

There’s No End Game

This is pretty philosophical. We just are. There were humans before you, and there will be humans after you’re gone. This shit didn’t start with you and it sure isn’t gonna end with you. So play your part in the grand scheme of things before you fade away.

Lighten up. No matter how many times you screw yourself over; life will go on!

Protect Your Dreams

Your dreams are your biggest asset. They’re your greatest possession. Jealous people (who’re afraid to follow their own dreams) will try to crush yours. They’ll mock you for dreaming big. They’ll say. “Dude, you’re crazy to think that this is possible”. But no matter what they say, you stay put.

You don’t abandon your dreams. You work hard and do everything it takes to make them come alive. How difficult can it be? Your dreams are truly yours. And you alone can nurture them.

Average Isn’t That Bad

It took me a long time to agree to this one. But it’s true. Average isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s somewhat better than the alternative.
If you’re average, you don’t do more or less of anything; because you’re just average! You read, you eat, you drink, you dance, you get crazy- but just in the right amount- because, umm you’re average.

And of course, it’s easier to find the *perfect dress* if you’re of the average size.

Well, that’s enough gyaan for one day.
They say that a wise (wo)man learns from the mistakes of others. So learn away!

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37 thoughts on “Things I’m Learning at 20

  1. Well I purchased the novel “Adultery” but Didn’t finish it. I think I have lost the temperament to read novels. And Thanks a lot for liking my comment for me it is also a compliment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that’s perhaps the best compliment I’ve ever received! ❤️
      By the way, (I hope you don’t mind me asking), did you perhaps get around to reading any of the books I’d mentioned to you? If you have, did you like it/them? I hope you did 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so true! I am in my 20s as well finishing college but you’re so right about friends vs best friends. Sometimes when we have that 2-3 best friends we tend to not spend too much time on that group of friends but they’re the ones that make you live in the moment and make college experience fun! I’m trying to work on that btw good luck with your future goals!

    Liked by 1 person

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