Living in a world not driven by fear, ego and belief is so remote from our experience that we cannot imagine what it would be like or how it could possibly work.

— Thomas W. Campbell

My best friend’s gift to me.

While humans were busy domesticating wild beasts, evils of the universe were engaged in taming the human heart. Yes, animals were domesticated and hearts were tamed. Win win situation? No.

The Me-Me-Me Syndrome has robbed us of our compassion. Love’s the exception, not the rule. Egotism and narcissism have displaced altruism and solicitude. Achieving inside success and happiness has become exceedingly difficult in this fear driven world.

Satisfaction? That’s always just a little ahead of me. As I’m about to close in on it, it sprints ahead. Love? Duh, can’t trade rationality for love. Kindness? Nay, too busy. Sincerity? Lol what’s that? Compassion? Ain’t got time for that. Smiling? Takes too much effort. Time? Is money.

Money. Who would’ve thought that a piece of weird paper with no intrinsic value whatsoever would someday preside over our very existence?

A world driven by fear and ego is comprehended easily because we live in such a world. We see it everyday, we breathe it. It’s become a way of life for us. For this very reason, we’re unable to picture the Land of Love. Such an idea leaves us bewildered, perplexed.

Is a Land of Love plausible? Will love be enough to sustain us? Is it practical? Is it even workable? Will everybody cooperate? Will people reciprocate? The questions never end.

We’ve wired ourselves to think that any social arrangement based on cooperative care and love is inevitably doomed. That this selfish, self-focussed attitude is a part of us, and we cannot escape it.

Maybe escaping this attitude is a tough thing to do. Maybe it’s impossible. But the idea of the Land of Love is so enchanting, it’s just not possible for me to give up without even trying.

I’ll not let the hard-hearted dull my sparkle. And I’ll do my bit. I know someone will reciprocate.

©All Rights Reserved. Image used is my own.


18 thoughts on “A Narcissist’s Heart?

  1. Even though we have a long way to go I think things are a lot better now than ever. We’re more aware of marginalized people and inequality. People are critised now for being too offended and I think this a sign we care more. But you make some good points. I think with the age of social media and Internet it makes you sad for humanity and really exposes how cruel people are. I think it’s hard to trust people and we therefore perpetuate a cycle of hate and mistrust. At some point in everyone’s life someone will mistreat them and we either harden or move on properly which is much easier said than done. It’s really hard to love indiscriminately but I think we all have a duty to respect each other at least. Would love some feedback on my blog if you have time.

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    1. I agree with you, would like to add just one more point to this list. We need to treat people the same way we ourselves would like to be treated. That’ll solve a lot of our problems.

      Thank you stopping and leaving a comment. It’s always good to stimulate one’s grey cells with a healthy discussion!
      And I’ll definitely hop over to your blog 🙂

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  2. Sparkle on, I’m glad that you are out there and I promise, I’ll keep my sparkle on over here! If we keep putting out our hands to help one another through this inertia, we’ll find our way to a better way of being.

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  3. I think we’re hardwired to be selfish, as it probably would have helped early humans survive in early times, though I’m sure at some point as communities developed altruism became more crucial. I think we still all have that instinct for selfishness, but we can override it to different degrees. Heaven help us if Donald Trump gets elected: the narcissists will rule the world!

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  4. There is a old illustration, sadly I don’t recollect the frame, construct, but in it there is a man going about through life, doing what he can to find security and joy, whilst unawares, he has chained to one foot a exact replica of self, except that it is a corpse. Dead. He attempts to do good but is procuring such deeds from Death, so in essence his wishes, keep him going, living on hope the object of duality, proving that something is missing.
    Life is missing, for works of death cannot fill eternity.
    It is God’s Life which is lacking.
    God has provided a means to obtain His Life.
    I will exit now. Please pardon my thoughts.
    Thank you for provoking thoughts.

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