Children of a Dead Earth

The air’s black and thick
Onerous to breathe, we wheeze
Acrid rain burns holes in nature
Children die, mothers scream

Mighty rivers reduced to a trickle—
It’s dirty, it stinks, nay, it’s a sewer!
“It was once a flowing brook, kid”
Now dead from a hundred factory years

Only buildings, no trees
Was the Earth always made of concrete?
“No, child, centuries back it was green
Rich with breezy fields of wheat”

UV rays prick. Was it always this hot,
Unsafe to laze at the beach?
“Once upon a time, seashores were fun—
A place where castles were within reach”

So, why do you tell us to
Plant trees now, year after year?
“We’re trying to go back to glory, kid”
Out of his eyes, leaked a single tear

It’s a flippant world. Enough said.

I read somewhere that human body’s 90% water. Really? That means we’re just advanced cucumbers with anxiety, stress and 1 million other problems. Ouch. Might as well add existential crises to the list.

©All Rights Reserved


14 thoughts on “A Paradise?

  1. Your words are hauntingly beautiful; even in my lifetime I’ve seen so much wrought and wonder why people who are in positions of power would want to leave such a legacy to their children or grandchildren. Your posts are SOS’s to the world and I hope among the static, they are read and heard!

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad that there are people out here who care about world around them. There’s been rampant environment destruction in my country in the past 10 years. In such a short span of time, they’ve decimated several mountain ranges (blasting carried out to get some stone); and many, many river. The river that flows through my state has literally turned into a sewer. But nobody cares and that’s just sad!

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