Sin Cera, Without Wax

“During the Renaissance, Spanish sculptors who made mistakes while carving expensive marble often patched their flaws with cera—‘wax’. A statue that had no flaws and required no patching was hailed as a ‘sculpture sin cera’ or a ‘sculpture without wax.’ The phrase eventually came to mean anything honest or true. English word ‘sincere’ evolved from the Spanish sin cera—‘without wax’. David’s secret code was no great mystery—he was simply signing his letters ‘Sincerely’.”

~Dan Brown, Digital Fortress

In this book the words did thrive, it’s a perfect five (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist).

Digital Fortress is one of the best techno-thrillers I’ve ever read. I’ve been bowled over. I just can’t take my eyes off this green book. I love it, I love it, I love it. The plot’s heavy on crypto, dense on love. I enjoyed Da Vinci Code, but this is some next level stuff. It’ll give you smart thrills. A perfect gum of cryptography, envy and love is what this is. I’d use more adjectives but school taught me to go easy on them— the less the better. Can’t say I learned well, but okay.

My takeaway from the book? “Everything is possible. Impossible just takes longer”.

Also, I cracked Tankado’s mystery code before the team did. Ha.

Wait, why am I babbling? Because I’m in love.

Dan Brown, you’re responsible for creating David Becker. You’re responsible for my insanity. I need a David Becker

See this is why I don’t like great books. They make you fall in love with fictional characters.
Why did the story have to end?




14 thoughts on “Sin Cera, Without Wax

  1. Sorry to be a spoilsport, but I couldn’t imagine a wax-based patch lasting long–especially through a hot summer–so I just had to google “word origin sincere” and found “mid 16th century (also in the sense ‘not falsified, unadulterated’): from Latin sincerus ‘clean, pure.’ “


  2. I have read Dan brown’s novels my first was Angels and Demons and then inferno which was not as good as Angels and Demons. I have Da Vinci code and digital fortress in my kobo book library but couldn’t finish them because sometimes his novels can give you a head ache. Ain’t it true?

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    1. I think it is true :0
      Maybe I haven’t got a headache because I’ve read just two of his books, years apart. My friends and indeed, many people on WP have pointed out that he ain’t very original with his works. Kind of repetitive and boring. Why could you not finish them? Did the plot seem banal to you? 👀


      1. Actually it’s not the plot I don’t even know what plot means because I am not literature guy. It was this repetitive thing, breaking codes, one thing leading to another and too much boring details about art work that I don’t understand…quiet frankly 🙂 I think he is smart writer but some times it is hard to imagine the places he takes his readers to. He also understands architect which I don’t. And he always reveals some great underworld organisations which is something I do like but is maddening.


      2. Yes yes I understand. It can be frustrating when you’re unable to get inside the head of the author. As for me, I like the thrill of his plots. Of course I don’t understand cryptography, but I can say that this book kept me up till 4 last night. After that I gave up! I should probably mention that I’ve come across people who say the information his books provides is unreliable and false, to their knowledge. But I can’t comment on that since I’ve no authority on the matter at hand. I read his books purely for the plot, for the thrill. And taking cue from all of you, I won’t read another Dan Brown before 2017 :p

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  3. The Da Vinci Code was the first Dan Brown book I read. Then I read Angels and Demons, and then The Lost Symbol. By the time I read Digital Fortress, I was so acquainted with the style and structure of his books that I could not find it exciting.
    Your review makes me skeptic.

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    1. Maybe you’re right. I’ve heard some friends say the same! I can’t really comment on this because I’ve only read Da Vinci Code and this one. Da Vinci I read years ago. Therefore in my mind, his style is fresh and appeals to me! :p

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  4. Digital Fortress was the first Dan Brown book I read. And even after reading all of his books, it still remains my favourite. I read it so long ago and now this post is making me so nostalgic.

    Even I keep wondering – Why did the story have to end?

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