A Utopia

…The Utopia That It’s Not

If there’s no love in the world
Let’s build a new world!
We’ll sprinkle it with kind smiles,
and bestow on each opportunities alike

We’ll make a world so bright
A place where there’s only light
No room for hate and avarice
No apocalyptic weapons in sight

Where making love and not money
Is taught to your child
Where acceptance is truly universal,
Atheists not jeered at, religious don’t fight

A place with water plenty, plenty food & delight
Will it not be nice, to have equal rights?
No hungry kids with spines showing, nor empty bottles in sight
We’ll all take what we need, no loony hoarding, alright?

You’re black, she’s white, he’s red, I’m brown
Here none of us will wear any crown
Bigotry, Racism, Intolerance.. and their likes
Expunged from lexicon to the horror of some, yikes

Murders, kidnappings, wars won’t exist
People will learn to accept, critique, reason, resist
There’ll not be much pollution, no wetlands will disappear
More than money, we’ll learn to appreciate Earth as it appears

We’ll love, we’ll laugh, we’ll play, we’ll fight
But before night falls in our simple world,
We’ll remember to embrace each other, tight

I’m just a 20 something, what do I know about the world, you say?

This is not where I want to live, I’ll say,
This is not where I want to live, I say.

These days, I’m having trouble in connecting with the world. Things are not going my way and I know I need to be patient, but how much time is enough time?  I wish the world was simpler, maybe because I cannot get any tougher! 2 A.M. thoughts never fail to surprise, isn’t it? Well, I hope that you’re all having a wonderful time and if you’re not, I pray that it doesn’t get any tougher for you. Sending lots of love your way.

©All Rights Reserved


29 thoughts on “A Utopia

  1. Your poems echo what I feel some dark nights. You have such a sensitive soul. And you are tough. It seems like you have the superpower to take your pain and turn them into enchanting words. I really love your work.

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