The Brother Who died Twice

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The Brother Who Died Twice

A boy died and found himself in Almighty’s heaven
“Look! Flowers, rainbows, apples & ripe lemons!”
His peepers twinkled with awe and revere
When he saw angels and heathens titter together

The paradise was gleeful and merry
In abundance occurred boy’s favourite, cherry!
With good grace, he sprinted to woods eerie
Sitting on soft mud, stuffed his mouth full of berries

Hands stained purple, he walked on, free of chores
Romped and trogged till he got to the edgy shore
Peeped into sparkly waters, lo and behold!
On Earth,
His sister wept in memory of her brother, eyes sore

His heart ached, his hand couldn’t reach her
Frantically he dived into water, cold as freezer
He didn’t fight death, this time, no!
Paradise’s glory forgotten, he knew he had to go

When he opened his eyes, he was lying in rubble
Trapped in a baby’s body, at his nose formed dusty bubbles

Up in heaven, God sighed.
She picked up her wand—
And crossed some paths that
Wouldn’t have crossed otherwise

And as if by magic, Ruth appeared form behind boulders
The baby yelled as he saw her, raised his aching shoulders
She heard, saw him lying naked by the rocks, appalled
She nursed and played with the baby so golden, so bald

One look at the baby, she knew he’d fill her void
She named him Ron, after her dead big brother so noid

God sighed, again
“There you go, Ruth” she smiled
“Take care of him as he took care of you
You’ll both live for years together
Before I see you again in paradise…”

Because I read a story of a sex worker who was forced into the trade by her younger brother.

A Poem by Lavieenrose

©All Rights Reserved


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