I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. After a century of colossal tech developments, wild scientific advancements and crazy inventions, humans refuse to recognise and acknowledge how critical this planet’s well-being is to them. They have so much intelligence (haha), yet use so little of it. It’s scary, saddening and maddening to know that the activists amongst us have to wrestle with the governments to save humanity. Are you kidding me?

Delhi’s infamous pollution has cut the life expectancy of its residents by a handsome 6.3 years. We’ve reduced the mighty Yamuna to a trickle, and a joke. Eighteen lovely drains empty untreated sewage into it. In 2012 INR 1,500 crore was pumped into Yamuna to bring it back to life. In 2016, INR 4,500 crore will be spent on reviving the ailing river. No, nothing will be done about the industries that empty hot chemicals into it. We need the industries, stupid girl.

What circus is this, you ask? A severe case of misplaced priorities is what this is.

Because installing pollution control equipment is exorbitantly expensive, they don’t do it. Hey, they really cannot do it. It kills their profits, okay? They say they don’t know much about nuclear waste disposal and what they do know is very costly to implement. So they throw it in the ocean, sometimes bury it underground.

E-waste management isn’t very cost efficient either, so they dump waste in incinerators or landfills where it merrily releases toxics like mercury and lead into water and soil. Recycling is way too costly for manufacturers to undertake, okay?

These arguments are cogent and rational, it’s makes no economic sense to save the environment. My fat head gets it now. Big people, big corporations, big governments want to make big money to help the poor proletariat. Now if the activity of assembling big bucks destroys the very things that money is supposed to buy for people, well! So be it. Who cares? People can drink money when they run out of water.

Why give a crap about environment? Imagine how much happiness money will bring to you! There’s so much you can do with more finances. That fine house you always wanted? It will look marvellous amidst smoggy skies, dead land and rotting water.

What’s more, natural catastrophe will also bring with it economic opportunities. The corporations are looking forward to erecting markets of breathing masks and packeted air. Don’t sigh. These are as plausible as bottled water.

Jokes apart, the entire human race is mindless in a very, very funny way. Ah puny human! You commodify the world, create a few scientific wonders and think you’re the great conquerer? You build cars, planes, ships and think you rule nature. You’ve achieved so much in the last hundred years that you’re now drunk on power. But what is a hundred years?

In geology, it’s probably a dimensionless dot. The Earth has been around for 4.543 billion years. Do you think bad decisions made over a century or two will affect the Earth? Earth has survived everything in its time. From comets and meteors to rising/falling oceans and volcanic eruptions. What makes you think it cannot survive a nuclear apocalypse? Or thinning of ozone layer?

Yes, if all nuclear weapons went off together today, life as we know it will cease to exist. The Earth will become a sizzling ball of fire, some say it’ll experience a nuclear winter. But life, somewhere in some form, will survive. Maybe beneath the arctic ice or inside the oceanic vents, who can tell? And it’ll flourish when the conditions are ripe again. Oh, of course, we won’t be here to see it. We’ll be as gone as the dinosaurs. Grrrrr.

So what if we sooth all water with toxins or leak deadly poison into air? The Earth doesn’t care one bit, it’ll not be rendered useless. There are life forms that abhor oxygen. Heck, oxygen’s lethal for them. They’ll live on and soon rival the present variety and diversity of species. Evolution’s deviously beautiful, isn’t it? If we’re gone tomorrow, the Earth wouldn’t shed one tear for us.

So hello, puny humans. You’re not killing the Earth, it’s so mighty you can’t touch it. All you’re doing is moving towards your own demise at an increasing speed everyday. You’re slowly poisoning yourselves.

Also, I did not cause Delhi’s pollution, give me my 6 years back, okay?


20 thoughts on “To kill the Earth?

  1. The paradox with human being is , he can never take any action or precaution unless and until some calamity happens. Taking nature granted is old dogma. And all such talks remained in either govt propaganda or school syllabus, anyways thanks for resurrection of the topic. Keep it up

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  2. I want businesses and industry to take care of the planet, but I don’t want government taxing businesses to death to force “green” anything. I would like businesses to be encouraged to use smart efficient technology to do business etc.., even government, question is how to encourage that, and how to do you balance human comfort and low cost with ecology? For someone on a fixed income living green is asking them to laugh in your face.

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    1. Hi,
      The point is, why do people need ‘encouragement’ to save their own environment? The problem is, our current cost accounting techniques and the mighty capitalist system takes environment as an external factor, whereas it’s internal and the most vital to our existence.

      The problem is known, yes. But I admit the solution is beyond me.


      1. A lot of people are just trying to get through the day work, kids etc.., sorry but if I have four kids, work two jobs or even one long hours job my husband also, are trying to pay the bills, the environment, not top priority. For a business, if you are going to tax me to death, and make being environmental expensive so my profit goes down by 50%, not happy. no way!!!


  3. The question to be asked is not if the earth will survive, it’s whether we can ! Most of us are missing the point, too busy leading our lives oblivious to the fact that we are messing up nature, slowly and steadily. It’s time we all make an effort, however small it maybe. Let’s start by planting a tree. Everyone reading this, go ahead and plant one. Perhaps the end is near, but we could make a beginning now and hope for the best ! Great post, funny and drives home the point. Cheers 🙂

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    1. Thank you. We’re finding ourselves into a huge mess, aren’t we? Even economics doesn’t permit this kind of mass destruction, the externalities affecting future generations are lethal!

      You’re very right when you say we need to take actions on an individual level, damage-control-sense is totally beyond big businesses! How can money trump environment? It’s beyond me.

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      1. Money is a cause we have created ourselves. Economics cannot solve a problem that is created by psychology. People are being brain washed to believe everything in the media.

        The truth most of us read, watch and believe, is most probably a manipulated image fed to us by those trying to earn a profit from us.

        I’ll quote this dialogue from the movie Wall Street by Michael Douglas, “The illusion has become real, and the more real it becomes, the more desperately they want it. Capitalism at it’s finest.”

        Social media, news, politicians, scams, banks, business, stocks, markets. What are they but an illusion ?

        None of the so called experts can really predict what will happen. The can only analyse after most events have occurred. Thinking we know what is happening is the biggest illusion of our times.

        Maybe this is paranoia or maybe just a rant about the pathetic realities we face, but I believe it’s time we all try to change the situation.

        Atleast make an effort I say, to try to verify facts, to find out if what we read, hear or see is true. Begin to think for ourselves ! I liked your post for it makes that effort. You’ve opened your eyes, it’s time for others to read and open their own.

        Cheers 🙂

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  4. Sadly I think our lack of long-term thinking is at least partly to blame. We know intellectually that doing various things is bad for the environment, but unless we see a direct immediate effect, that knowledge doesn’t have any impact.
    I also think there are people who would like to do more to protect the environment, but think “I’d like to put in a little extra effort to help, but no-one else is doing so I won’t bother.” At the same time millions of others are thinking the same thing! I would need organisation on a huge scale to get everyone working together, and I’m not sure how that could be achieved.

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    1. Right on point. The question is, who’ll give in first? The externalities arising from this mindless destruction are lethal- I mentioned the declining life expectancy, there’s much more!

      It’s beyond me how money can trump environment, it’s crazy.

      I read it in a book, that by the time the effects of environmental destruction begin impact the then present generation, damage will be irreversible.

      I hope we’re all able to figure out something viable before that point is reached.

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      1. Thank you! There’s a better tomorrow waiting for us and our descendants. Only if we take the corrective steps now. It took millions of them to destroy; it’s going to billions of us to create.

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