I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again. My brain’s been swelling with confusion. There so much to do. So many decisions to make, so many roads to choose from; why’s it that we can only go down now road at a time? I wanna travel two together. It’s annoying.

Anyway, I’m so silly I wrote myself a poem to remind myself why I shouldn’t be so worried about everything. All things eventually fall into place, right? I need to breathe, god I’m only twenty. This is so, so funny (please don’t judge me).

The Conundrum

The conundrum that
Dwells inside my head,
It daily swells, I can feel
My head exploding!

So many decisions to make
Chances to take
What if I slip, trip or tumble down?
Oh! I’m mired in self loathing.

But my head’s funny
It secretly knows; I’ll come out
Triumphant at the other end
“It’ll be sparky & sunny, old friend!”

It whispers in my ears-
“The steel’s critical
To carving a tough dame
From your bony frame”

It’s all a matter of time, it says
“Give life the minutes
It needs to compose the way
Dart after your intuition, pray!”

Yes, riddles will unravel soon,
I’ll sprint down the lighted path
Universe will comply and
I’ll reach for the stars!

So am I whining in vain? Yes. My fat head understands that, it’s just that it needs constant reminders. I should probably go and play my part, lest the universe kick my arse for being a lazy buffoon.

Until next time!


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