Syria, come back


An artist’s impression of The Temple of Bel, now destroyed by ISIS


Before the Arab Spring,
It was beautiful, my ancient land
Famed Aleppo, old cities of Bosra et
Damascus so imposing, so grand

As yet, War’s destroyed 21 million lives
There’s no food, nor is there light
For fun, pleasure—they hit and behead
All that’s left is ruins, and witless fight

The Roman Theatre of Palmyra
Reduced to a hack-house, makeshift
Temples of Baalshamin and Bel so resplendent
Demolished, savagely shredded to bits

Mosques, villages, citadels ravaged
This is what god intended, you say?
Once splendid Krak des Chevaliers
Now in ruins lay

Air raids, bombings, guns to kill
Or quell dissent—What’s the difference?
My beautiful, ancient soil’s now lost
To insurmountable avarice

Prior to Arab Spring, troubles persisted
Yes, it sure wasn’t paradise
But the War’s taken everything away
Now it’s all rubble and lies

The War has displaced some 7.6 million people within Syria, an additional 3.8 million have fled the country in hopes of better lives. Only once you’re tagged a refugee, you can never live a normal life. Life then revolves around overcrowded makeshift tents, with no drainage but lots of diseases. And somewhere, amidst the chaos, humanity is lost.

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6 thoughts on “Syria, come back

  1. Such a tragedy, what’s happened to Syria. Every time I see posts here and there on everything that’s gone on, and continues to go on. I always circle back to the same question. “Why don’t we hear more about this? Why does it seem like there is only an uproar when cities like Paris get hit by parts of this war? Syria needs help and needs a voice to be heard”.

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