An Educated Rant


Past fifteen days have been insane. I’ve never learned so much theory in my entire life. What’s it with this education system? Where will all this rote learning take me? Will it make me more employable?

What! No, you say?

Then how’ll it help me?

Oh. It’ll get me a degree at the end of three years. And a higher starting salary compared to a high school grad. Good enough, maybe?

The sheepskin’s effect is all too visible. 

If I were the Law Maker, I’d do a massive overhauling of this cracked complex and save the future-poor-wretched-souls from unkind suffering. I’d lead their fabulous, creative minds to glory. Woohoo!

Sadly, I’m not the Law Maker.

Real Ms. Law Maker is busy building the country’s military arsenal. After all, we won’t have to whip up our education system if we’re eventually gonna blow ourselves up (and our neighbours too). Well, someone’s got her priorities sorted.

Seriously though, rote learning has to go away. Nobody’s benefitting from this mindless activity. Might we not teach our kids pragmatic essentials? Why are we testing them on their ability to reproduce crammed words? I’ve been rote-learning for 15 years now, tell you what I’ve gained? Ability to bleed words. It’s a victory in itself.

Do we have to reproduce wordy theorems to show off our knowledge in the real world? No? Then might as well teach us the application of them? What am I to do when asked to use MiniTab to run a regression, recite the theorem?

As if the wrath of rote-system wasn’t enough trouble already, we’re facing another crises. The rotten tuition bug is one of our outstanding achievements. It’s mammoth tentacles have thoroughly hollowed the very foundation of the system. And it has now eaten its way to the centerstage. Well, hello? Bugs don’t belong in the education sector. We’re paying the college to teach, not to outsource teaching to money sucking bugs.

Okay, okay. Let’s be real and not put so much blame on Ms. Law Maker. The kids are a funny lot too. They’re wedded to comprehension but lust after grades (Uhh what?). Well, running’s all we’re doing. Not learning, just running, running and running. To all lovely parents- please try sports if you wanna make your kid run! The classroom’s for learning, not running. I’ve seen kids quibble with teachers for a half mark raise. Seriously?

Finally, whatever happened to Einstein’s “let curiosity survive formal education?”

Let’s bring out the creative genie in kids, please? (Not just when they’re 5, but also when they’re 18). Let’s instil in them the love for books, make them wise? Perhaps design a system which leaves room for them to engage in activities not necessarily tied to eating books?

Yes, we need to supply children with some basic knowledge for them to build on. But surely metamorphosing them into parrots won’t take them very far. Let’s not educate our kids out of creativity.

That’s it, rant’s over. I gotta go ogle and eat my books.

They say,

“Education is the weapon that can change the World for the better”

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives”

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance”

They say so much, yet they do nothing.



36 thoughts on “An Educated Rant

  1. What will happen if people start using swords as kitchen knife? That’s today’s education. Bang on job from lay-girl’s perspective. LTS hope we can put in our appropriate efforts some day!

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  2. This post is spot on ! Loved it, more people need to become aware of the pitfalls of the current systems. Personally, I followed Mark Twain’s advice given in his following quote, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” We need to be aware and make sure to educate ourselves, not relying upon the system alone.

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      1. I’d really love to know how do you make your own featured image? Also how do you attract so many likes I mean the more I’m checking out your blog..the more I’m in love with it💯👌🏼🌸

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  3. The major problem is that instead of focusing on the application part, most of the time is spent in purposeless page filling and retention of theory which has made learning a burden and killed the curiosity. Great post.

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    1. Exactly, it’s become a very mechanized system. We’re not given enough space to reflect on what we’re doing! I hope things change for the better. As you very rightly said, it’s a journey:) one should be able to enjoy it


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