So I was digging YouTube (looking for gold) when I came across this heartrending documentary by Vice News—Suicide Forest in Japan.

Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mt. Fuji is the most popular site for suicides in Japan. Each year hundreds of people walk into this forest with no intention of ever walking out. The forest is so dense that many corpses remain undiscovered for years, some are lost forever. The government scans the forest annually, and gives a proper burial to the corpses it is able to find. Forest Guards sometime find people who’re unsure of dying, and convince them to return home.

This documentary reminded me of an article I’d read in The Speaking Tree recently, “Our thoughts can change our lives”, by Shakti Durga. Excerpts from the article—

“Have you ever noticed that you can be lying in bed minding your own business and suddenly inside your head you find that you’re thinking of the last argument you had with your partner, or your lack of finances, or you find yourself playing in your head something stressful that was said or done at work?”

“If a thought loop is positive, life affirming, beaming with happiness and enjoyment of life, then it will help you… If you though loops are negative, ‘I’m such an idiot, or ‘I’m always broke’, then they drag you down. They reinforce the problem you are having and dig the hole deeper…”

Well, such is the power of thoughts. Think positive thoughts and you will attract positivity. Think negative thoughts and… well. When dark thoughts are allowed to manifest in your sparkly brain for too long, they wreck havoc. The devour your sparkle and fill the resulting void with crap. And you think “my life doesn’t matter, nobody matters, nothing matters”. But this is not true! Every time you think a thought, you feed it. So if you don’t like it, you have to stop it. Want positive stuff to happen to you? Then think positive!

Of course, you cannot be happy all the time. I’m only asking you to learn to kick negativity in the arse, so that you can rid your mind of it ASAP. Some quirks I adopt to shut the negative thoughts out and lift myself up—
(Every point may not work for you, obviously. Choose what suits you, or make up your own list!)

  • Strike a pose in front of the mirror. Yes, I know it’s clichéd, you’ve read it before and blah. Ever try it? No. Why? Well. So the next time your spirit’s on its way to the dark abyss of nothingness, find a mirror. Strut a little and smile (you can even pout). Your beautiful reflection will cheer you up in no time!
  • Talk to yourself, loudly. Tell yourself it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t get that job, the Earth’s not gonna crack open and push you into its bowels. So what if you made an embarrassing mistake? Can you let one bad day at school define your life? No. So why mull over it? Please, don’t! Learn your lesson, get over it and find new ways to embarrass yourself. What’s life sans little awkward embarrassment?
  • Surround yourself with people who exude positivity. Tell your story to your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/mother/father/sister/brother/whoever, and then junk it. For God’s sake, you don’t have to carry this weight all by yourself, share the burden! Okay, it’s fine if you don’t wanna divulge your secrets, just go out and declare you’re in a bad mood. People are nice, they’ll try to brighten you up.
  • Be proud of yourself. You’ve accomplished so much in life, does that not count? Yes, you messed up this time around. You performed poorly on a test, or got admonished by your boss. Is it the end of the road for you? NO! Remind yourself of your achievements. You’re in a lion fight. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you don’t know how to roar. ~Grey’s
  • Occupy yourself. Busy yourself with stuff you love doing. This is the time to pick up the book which has been sitting on your shelf for months. Or maybe, its time to revive the artist in you? Don’t give your brain enough space to think about what happened, listen to some music maybe? Better still, how about you rock that Karaoke tonight?

Got some points you’d like to add to this list? Leave them in the comments below, I will add them to this post!



38 thoughts on “Let’s Kick Negativity in the Butt

  1. Distraction is a great idea when the circular destructive thoughts start but I have found that laughter is by far the quickest cure! Watch a comedy or even false laughter at yourself any kind of laughter cuts it very quickly.

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  2. Happiness; It’s an inside job. Funny, it is the title of the latest article on the front of my publication. We have the spiritual power to control how we respond to any given situation. Thanks for this. It’s a really good piece

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  3. Well I have to admit! I opened my blog page, to write up a piece venting out my frustration. I stumbled on to this post and couldn’t help Smiling to myself wondering why I was being so negative 🙂 Nice post …

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  4. Well written and love the positive message..I need a dose of postive these days 🙃

    Found your blog on another post and had to pop across…glad I did now and am adding you to my list of interesting new people 😇

    Hope you don’t mind me following 😊

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    1. Hi!

      Thank you for all this praise (I don’t deserve it in the least). I’m glad you liked this post, hope you’ll like the others too! Looking forward to sharing awesome stories 👯
      So thanks for following! I loved your blog too❤️❤️

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      1. You’re like me…praise comes in and you just go all humble and self denying…just take it on the chin because, well, you do 😊
        You’re welcome re the follow. It’s a pleasure and thank you so much for the comment about mine (don’t deserve it in the least 🙃)

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  5. Help the needy. Go to NGO, old age homes. Or feed a street dog maybe.Make someone smile. And one will get their smile back.😊


      1. Positive visualisation means imagining positive image and experiencing that success is already achieved. It keeps brain focused and also motivated. ( law of attraction if u cal a bit)

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