Hola beautiful people of the internet! Hope you all had a delightful week.

My week was/is/will be hot. It’s 42 degrees here in New Delhi; I’m literally ROASTING out here. Please God of Sun, do not sizzle too much, lest we burn in our skins. 

I can’t fathom why nothing’s being done to combat global warming. The change is real, I can feel it. Each year is hotter than the last one. Why is the evidence not scaring us into action? If you have answers to my questions, please enlighten me!

To all the important global leaders in expensive suits who’re trying to reach a consensus on carbon emissions, get your act together for god’s sake. When you gonna devise a workable plan? After half the world’s people are killed by heatwaves and rising seas?

To all the developing countries refusing to take real action against warming because it interferes with growth and development, I sincerely hope your fancy industries bring a lot of development and enhance the living standard of your dead people.

To the developed countries, I hope you invent the technology to colonise resource rich planets inhabited by meek aliens, so that you can continue with your plunderous and exploitative activities there. After all, if most of the third world is dead, where will you get cheap labour from?

If humans die, let them. Development must go on. 

Talk about misplaced priorities!

Well, to beat the heat, my family decided to escape to the mountains. Mashobra (Himachal Pradesh) is a beautiful hamlet nestled in the heart of the Shivalik Range, a mere 12 Kms from the state capital Shimla. Unlike Shimla, Mashobra’s still got trees and clean air. In the past decade, Shimla embarked on a construction spree and concrete has eaten up most of the mountains. Green’s not even visible. Mashobra’s relatively less populated, and has preserved it’s natural glory. So far so good.

Although nights were cool, it must have been a hundred degrees during the day. Looks like Global Warming’s working its charm in Mashobra too. With an average elevation of 2150 meters, Mashobra’s not supposed to be so hot. What’s more, I visited the place for the first time in 2008, that was 8 years ago. Crazy as it may sound, it was actually cooler back then..

Here are some pictures of Mashobra and places around it:

The view from my room, Mashobra
Naldehra Golfcourse, 10 kms from Mashobra.
Tattapani, 40 kms from Mashobra. This place was once famous for natural hot springs along the banks of River Sutlej. Now, a massive hydropower project has engulfed the banks. Natural springs are lost forever.

Yes, I enjoyed the green mountains of Mashobra. No, I did not get much respite from heat.

I’ll probably write more about the heatwave in India in my upcoming posts. The colossal  drought in the state of Maharashtra is affecting over 3 million people. As per the latest stats, 300 people have already succumbed to the vagaries of rising temperature. How much more damage must we suffer before we start taking Climate Change seriously?

I.. I think this post doesn’t make much sense. I started off by talking about climate change, switched to the trip I took, and finished off with climate change again. Oh my god, I didn’t know I could babble-write. Exams are less than a week away, I should probably get back to studies.

And for those of you who wanna know serious stuff about Climate Change, click here






10 thoughts on “Burnin’ Up

  1. We are in the same boat. Exact line of thought. Wrote letter to an expert in this arena and I do feel anger about those guys with high Carbon footprint and wondering what is going on with those decision makers and action takers.

    Every day it gets hotter and it’s across the country! *Shudders*

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