So it’s 2:00 A.M here and I want my pillow to lullaby me to sleep. But every time I bury my head into it, nightmares threaten me.

I’m not scared of spectral demons and puny ghosts. No, I have always been brave enough to stick one leg out of the comforter while I sleep. So far, I’ve never been hauled under the bed by the mischievous spirits of the inferno. Umm, yes, Exorcism of Emily Rose made me uncomfortable, but didn’t really terrify me.

The irrational fear of failing to meet my own standards, my expectations is what drives me insane at night. I am aware that the road to success is convoluted and laden with booby traps embodied as transient failures. But how long must I walk before the flag is waved at me? How many wrong roads must I take before I tumble to The Chosen Path? How many failures must I accept before I devour success? I almost feel trapped in Tom & Jerry: The Fast & The Furry— the ever expanding, never ending race to death (It feels good to know that this race, in the end proved to be rewarding for our favourite protagonists Tom & Jerry, hurrayyy!)

*Babbling check #1*

My ramblings are getting weirder. I would attribute these cloddish thoughts to hormonal changes, but well, I am no longer a teenager. So that excuse is forever gone.

*Babbling check #2*

…Voice of Reason urges me to be patient. It tells me to be gracious in my defeats. I must never ridicule my scars, they are what makes me, me. I must be tolerant of my shortcomings till I am able to rise above them…

…Mishaps makes us stronger, so they say. Being able to meander your way out of difficulties brings to the forth your innate courage, they tell me. Everything you imagine is real, they talk on…And tonight, I’m going to believe them..

Lo! My self deprecating mode is already passé. WordPress is wonderful, isn’t it?

So here’s to all those fab people who think they’re failing in life—you’re not. You’re wonderful and you’re gonna shine bright, you only gotta find your way to the spotlight! So chisel, hack, sculpt your destiny, your lust for tranquility will eventually take you there.

Thank You, Voice of Reason

Until next time!


16 thoughts on “You Are Magic

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