Disclaimer: This is not with reference to Bonded Labour/Slavery in 21st century.

Yes I know it’s the 21st century and enslavement is verboten. However, the overall condemnation and denunciation notwithstanding, it still has not been exterminated wholly and lingers in its remote form in places scattered across the globe. And we, the enlightened people of the 21st century vehemently oppose it in all its guises. We’re very hostile to it and scowl at the gory history of it. We all abhor slavery.

But in a ludicrous and absurd way, the “ultra-modern” human is hilariously blind, deaf and unmindfully oblivious of the bonded labour she performs every single day. Despite the repugnance, she condones it.

Let’s go back to basics. We have unanimously agreed that Slavery is fiendishly diabolical. Then why does the “ultra-modern” human accept it?

Here’s why:

In bygone days, we’ve had the slave-slaves and the vassal-slaves. In modern day societies, we have the worker-slaves. The workaholic worker-slave slaves away not because she submits to her master, but because her avarice is insurmountable. Though relieved of iron rings, she has internalized the scheme of slavery so much so that the master no longer needs to keep her fettered and shackled. The master knows the worker-slave won’t abscond. Her acquisitiveness nature wouldn’t let her escape.

Strangely enough, the worker-slave is exultant in being part of a complex designed-to-exploit system which promises bonbons (refers to wealth & worldly goods) and robs her of life. She’s bizarrely oblivious that her life is an endless cycle of drudgery. She toils, eat bonbons and toils again so that she can eat even more bonbons. Absurdly, when she gets cavity, she pays the kind dentist with sweet bonbons to get rid of the anomaly. Again absurdly, she does not realize that if she had had less bonbons to begin with,she wouldn’t have had the cavity. Then she wouldn’t be required to pay to the dentist some of her bonbons. Thus, the amount of bonbons she has remains constant and stupidity surely amplifies, since now the worker-slave toils even harder to stock more bonbons in case she has to go to the dentist again (Of course she’ll have to).

The worker-slave has regrettably become accustomed to be constantly working under cosmic pressure to finance her nippy consumerism. Rapacity has drowned the voice of reason and she labours incessantly without asking herself why. Her materialism desecrates her soul and takes a mammoth toll on her body. No, she’s not happy until she constructs a gigantic mountain of sweet bonbons to last her a lifetime- and when she has the mountain she’ll want to build an entire range (She’s been taught to aim higher and never be content).

Not realising that this bonbon-bubble will one day burst mid-air and leave her hanging, she passes on her fallacious beliefs to her offsprings, encouraging them to join the preposterous quest to become the best worker-slave the world has ever seen, so that her they can devour more bonbons than she herself ever did. The tragic cycle perpetuates till posterity. Misplaced priorities result in slaves promoting slavery.

It was somewhere around the 18th century that we abandoned the feudalist master-slave mentality and the worker-slave was born. Since then, we pompously show off our “free and equal society” to our dead predecessors-they must be roaring their guts out)- because I recently read in the papers that just 62 masters together own half the world’s entire production of bonbons, and in effect, most of the worlds worker-slaves.

The saddest part of the story? Now, more than being slaves to the masters, we’re slaves to our own insatiable materialism. And how do you fight the inner demons? Slavery itself hasn’t vanished, just the nature of slavery has changed. The modern worker-slave isn’t starved of food, she’s starved of life.


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