The Rosy Human

Hey lovely people of the internet! This is my first attempt at writing a poem (Its not even a poem, just a bunch of short lines pulled together). Hope you like it!


A rose, if not watered often,
Wilts away
The little water its veins contain,
Slowly dries up,
Rendering it feeble and frail

A rose, if kept away from sun,
Sadly withers away
The stores of sugar exhaust briskly
Sapping life
Out of the pretty rose, quickly

A rose, if not earthed properly,
Shrivels to its death
Its cracked petals fall down,
One by one
They mingle with the bed

The human too,
Is very much like the rose
She needs tender love,
To blossom into a beautiful soul

Devoid of caring warmth,
She ceases to live,
Longs for death and merely exists
Slowly wilting and withering away,
She pines for her end

Till the darkness finally lays her,
To eternal rest.

© A poem by lavieenrose 


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