La vie en rose! Sounds totallyĀ appealing. Right?


Haha, letā€™s talk about why the idea of La vie en rose is outrightly misleading. Firstly, the world is not a very pretty place to be in. Weā€™re all conscious of immorality around us, weā€™ve all had our fair share of disheartening failures. So much for the belief in existence of God. Phew. Secondly, it is impossible to be beaming all the time. Sometimes, people let you down. When people are doing good, you let yourself down. At other times, you’re just not up for glee.We’re all constantly submitting to lifeā€™s uncertainties and standing up to the challenges it poses. So no. Life is not always pretty. La vie en rose is a senseless notion.

Basic economics tells us that booms and recessions in the business cycles are integral to modern capitalist societies. Worldliness tells us, they’re also indispensable to life. Indeed, whatā€™s life without peaksĀ and troughs? To answer this question, let’s first understand what troughs and peaksĀ are: peaksĀ areĀ the good times and the trough is just the reflection of peakĀ in water. Or we can say, trough is the negative of peakĀ (Or peakĀ is the negative of trough!). So if peaksĀ are good times, then troughs represent hardships. That isĀ why we dislike and avoid troughs. Troughs scare and intimidate us, because we arenā€™t sure if we can climb our way back up. But then, following this logic, arenā€™t peaksĀ supposed to be scarier and even more daunting? What if you fall disgracefully from the sharp height and break 103 of your 206 bones. Wouldn’t that be more horrifying? Oops.

We aren’t unnervedĀ by booms, rather we’re constantly trying to wind our way to the top. We’re not taught to be petrifiedĀ of the good times. But weā€™re taught to bypass downfalls, as if they have no role in building us. Is that true? I think not. Success and failure are not opposites, together they’re both one whole. One cannot be defined independently of the other. Whether you like it or not, they go together. PeaksĀ are always followed by troughs and troughs by peaks. The cycle thus perpetuates itself, continuously. And sorry folks, thereā€™s no escaping.

Google why does failure hurt and you will get about 9,96,00,000 results. 99% of them will tell you that failure hurts because it damages your ego, your sense of self worth and your confidenceā€”but this is just the surface analysis. Think about it at a deeper level and youā€™ll realise that failure only hurts because you think it doesn’t belong with you. Yes, itā€™s that simple, and needs no further explanation. Accept your failures, and the world will suddenly turn pink, pinker and pinkest. Key to a happy, fulfilling life lies in gripping defeats in the same way we embrace victories.

Life is beautiful when you want it to be (finding solace in this maddening world is an achievement indeed). Take a deep breath, smile a lot and pay heed to the good. Youā€™ll realise La vie en rose isn’t to senseless after all.


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